Orange Kush Hemp flower

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To your presses: it has arrived!

This subtle taste of orange blossoms is a delight. Its tasting will reveal some notes of clementine.

  • Variety: Sativa
  • Type de culture: Indoor
  • THC : 0,17%
  • CBD : ~5%
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8 reviews for Orange Kush Hemp flower

  1. Andi65

    I did enjoy the head and body high with this one. Nice if you just want to sit on the couch and catch up on you shows, but it is also good if you’re just out and running errands. it has a chocolatey, earthy taste which I really didn’t care for. but, I do enjoy this train.

  2. J.ack

    Ol’ reliable, Orange Kush is the friend you go years w/o seeing and when you finally get around to it you pick up right where u left off.

  3. Weedlov3rTexas

    this one is very popular in Texas Western

  4. eminellenbach

    Great strain

  5. chrislr4

    this strain gets you high af, gets you very very hungry but smells so much I 100% recommend this strain

  6. melthemadhatter

    This was the first strain I tried after getting my MMJ card. I have fibromyalgia and pain from an old injury. It knocks out the pain almost entirely. The heady feeling is rather chill.

  7. jriot94

    For me this feels a bit more sativa heavy, but will still knock me out. It’s a really good body and head high that just feels like a wave of relaxation swallows you

  8. sickscrawled

    Exactly as advertised – calm and relaxed, but somehow uplifted un the same time

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