Banana Moon Hemp Flower

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Banana Moon Glashouse, THC 0.16%, CBD 4.1%

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Banana Moon is a cross between Cannatonic and Strawberry.

Smells very natural with a light strawberry taste.

very compact flowers


The minimum order quantity is 250 grams or 5 times 100 grams of different varieties.

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Banana Moon is a cannabis sativa genetics that produces an intense aroma and taste, with clear notes of citrus, banana and orange.

  • Variety: Sativa
  • Type de culture: Indoor
  • THC : 0,16%
  • CBD : ~8%

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500g, 2lb, 3lbs

9 reviews for Banana Moon Hemp Flower

  1. Pitt12

    nice relaxing strain with some mild to moderate pain relief. Depending on what pheno you may have will determine whether your og kush is more indica or more ⁵⁰/⁵⁰hybrid. the brand gti in Pittsburgh has it marked indica and i can definitely feel the indica dominance in this strain of og kush by rythm by gti.

  2. Celicas1984

    This made me feel amazing and needing to go to the hospital at the same time.. it knocks me quickly and also gives me bad palpations, but once I get out of my head, I feel so great!!! It’s a great strain to share with your lover, if ya know what I mean!!!!

  3. MrSlimeZ

    I have been smoking this strain for a while. First tried few years ago at Netherlands. If you can control the heavy hit that Banana Moon gives you, you will be trippin’ balls with the right dosage. I have been taking this good quality Banana Moon for the last few months

  4. AfghanStan

    Beautiful strain, potent chilled high, definitely a nighttime smoke Banana Moon will SLUMP you lol

  5. Shawna3825

    You will need 2 boxes of fruity pebbles, gallon of milk and your favorite show, cause your ass ain’t leaving that couch…

  6. aadakyn_sage

    One of the best Banana Moon strains for pain. Can’t keep this strain in stock for those who need it. Same with Triple Banana Moon.

  7. shaniiib

    It’s a really good hybrid. Great for my Fibromyalgia+cptsd combination. Soothes the body aches while stimulating the mind. Perfect time: afternoon + evening.

  8. BCsmokez

    Love this strain for ita potency. Smokin this helps instantly with anxiety, depression, sleep, and all though it gets you very relaxed i still find it smoke all day and get things done

  9. Dirtymikeyer

    Strong, pleasant aroma out of the bag. Nugs were fairly large and dense. Smoked this out of my bong and was a very sedating, mellow high. One of the best strains out there for sure.

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