Golden Cherry CBD Flower (Indoor)

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CBD gold hemp flower


Golden Cherry CBD hemp flower is a premium indoor bud created by High Grade Hemp Seed Co. The breeders created Golden Cherry by crossing the strains Black Rose and Cherry Wine. This resulted in a CBD-rich strain that can surpass 19% CBD!

In order to create hemp strains that are rich in CBD, breeders have brought in genetics from marijuana. The process of selective breeding has been used with cannabis for thousands of years. So how did Golden Cherry come to be?

Black Rose is a bit of a mystery hybrid. The marijuana strain is thought to come from crossing Black Russian and Shiva Skunk. It was developed by the skilled breeder Heath Robinson. Black Rose is known for having a powerful high and pungent berry notes that it passes on to Golden Cherry.

Cherry Wine hybrid hemp imparts its distinct cherry flavor and potent CBD content inherited from parent strains The Wife and Charlotte’s Cherries. Cherry Wine’s distinctive aromas and flavors have impressed many reviewers. Among reviews, relaxing effects have also been noted.

Golden Cherry’s golden-green buds are sugary with trichome crystals that are packed with cannabinoids and terpenes. These premium indoor CBD buds could be easily mistaken for their marijuana ancestor. With that in mind, take caution as needed. Our CBD hemp flower falls within legal (<0.3%) THC limits, but you couldn’t tell that by looking at it.

8 reviews for Golden Cherry CBD Flower (Indoor)

  1. Monaco S

    Can’t recommend these guys enough!. Speedy delivery and they even chucked in some hemp chocolate. You’ve now gained a loyal customer and I’ll definitely be recommending Otherside to my mates. Big ups

  2. Ravel Monel

    Best CBD shop in USA! Very friendly staff. Extremely knowledgable on the products. After being shown their Highkind CBD vaping range, totallt mind blown by the health, mental and life benefits. Thank you guys five star

  3. Miranda Pesce

    I love cbd flowers and I brought some from here yesterday and must say they were the best i have ever tried . Recommended

  4. Rosemary D

    Lovely buds thanks for the quick delivery

  5. Marcel Tyne

    Great explanation behind the products and not overly priced like most who claim to offer CBD products. I trust these guys as they vet their suppliers thoroughly and would definitely be going back again

  6. Mirena F

    Super friendly, great quality and very professional. Put in a custom order with the advice of their friendly staff who responded immediately over a bank holiday and it was ready for delivery/collection first thing! They even threw in some additional yummy chocolate gifts! Highly recommended especially over quarantine 🙂

  7. Elton T.

    Loved my LOW THC CBD flowers nice one Treasure valley farm! Smashed it in the sun loved every moment keep doin what yiou doin

  8. Robert kappel

    Second order! Second review. Even better than the first order 🙂 Thanks

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