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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. To help ensure excellence in all areas of the CBD experience, it is our job to anticipate our customers’ needs. Buying CBD flower online should be relaxing and easy. To this end, we have assembled some frequently asked questions regarding our practices, legal adherence, as well as our commitment to the highest standards in hemp cultivation and processing. 

If you are interested in learning about what makes Treasure Valley Farms products unique, we encourage you to email us directly here. A Treasure Valley Farm team member will answer all your questions and will guide you through our extraordinary selection of CBD flower products.

Hemp Flower & CBD Oil

Marijuana and hemp are both members of the cannabis family, so they do share a lot of characteristics. There is, however, a crucial difference between the two. Mainly the amount of psychoactive Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) each plant produces. While marijuana can contain up to 30% THC, hemp is defined legally as a cannabis plant containing no more than 0.3% delta-9 THC. The THC content explains the difference between CBD hemp bud and high CBD marijuana. All hemp products that have been cultivated and processed in accordance with state regulations are federally legal. The short answer is that the cultivation, production and use of hemp and CBD products are legal at a federal level, however, the legality varies by state. … Depending on where you live, the state laws can be pretty confusing, and depending on the law smoking hemp or possessing could actually be illegal. The 2018 Farm Bill does not, by itself, change state hemp or hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) legality. … Contrary to popular opinion, CBD is not legal in all 50 states, even if it is sourced from hemp. This is because all states have their own Controlled Substances Acts (CSA) which generally mirror the federal CSA

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring cannabinoid and one of the most abundant constituents of hemp. CBD is safe to consume and is non-intoxicating. Because of this, it has been long prized for its beneficial health and wellness effects. You will not experience a “high” feeling from inhaling or ingesting CBD. Instead, it’s more notable attributes are potential health outcomes for treating pain, mood, inflammation, and anxiety without any of the side effects commonly associated with prescription medications.

Really, you can use it however you like. Smoke it, vape it, infuse it in oil, extract it etc. Use this product responsibly and it has many wonderful ways to be enjoyed.

We at Treasure Valley Farm are believers in “whole plant medicine”. More and more people are becoming aware that there’s exists an interactive synergy between cannabis compounds, known as the entourage effect. The benefits of smoking hemp buds lie in the integrity of the natural product. Many of the benefits attributed broadly to cannabis can only be unlocked through “whole plant medicine”- that is, with the integrity of all the plant’s compounds fully intact.

The latest research around CBD suggests that full spectrum CBD, that is CBD which is working with all of the cannabinoids found within the plant, seems to offer the greatest health and wellness benefits. Every cannabinoid found in the plant potential offers different health benefits for a wide range of ailments. CBD flower certainly seems to offer plenty of health benefits on its own, but all other cannabinoids also have something to offer. This, along with the efficacy of absorption, is the driving ideology behind Treasure Valley Farm offering premium, CBD-rich hemp flower grown for inhalation.

At Treasure Valley Farm we advocate that our premium CBD-rich hemp flower is used with dynamic convection (a vaporizer) to maximize the full benefits of the whole plant. Scientific studies have shown hemp flower to provide the highest level of bioavailability if vaporized or smoked. This maximizes efficiency and optimizes the benefits of the entourage effect for the consumer.

Treasure Valley  Farms is Tennesse-based hemp and the best organic hemp flower distributor in the USA offering both retail and wholesale. We are one of the largest suppliers of smokable hemp flowers and one of the best CBD hemp flower products in the world. Our hemp flower products range from indoor-grown hemp strains to bulk high-quality outdoor grown strains. Treasure Valley  Farm is one of the largest distributors of CBD isolate , CBD distillate and other hemp concentrates in the United States. We also carry various popular CBD products including CBD hemp oil, CBD gummies and finished hemp products at unbeatable prices.

Purchasing & Shipping

We offer the best selection of wholesale hemp flower. CBD wholesale Europe hemp flowers delivery USA, Germany, Austria, Belgium,  Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Romania, the United Kingdom, Slovakia, Slovenia and Sweden. Buy now.  High-quality smokable hemp flower only. 100% legal for Europe and UK – as required by law – and as much as 30% CBD.We currently offer pre-packaged cases of CBD hemp flower to our select brick and mortar retail partners. If you have a retail storefront and are interested in finding out more about buying hemp flower wholesale, please email: sale@treasurevalleyfarm.us

All Treasure Valley Farm packages are shipped via USPS priority mail, United Parcel Service of America, Fedex , DB Schenker and Royal Mail for international orders

All shipments are sent out in shipping boxes to protect your order with a discrete return label marked “TREASURE VALLEY FARM”

All international orders for CBD hemp flowers UK are sent with a copy  of our lab reports to speed the customs procedure, CBD flowers  UK and other light products are hemp derived and non -psychoactive.

You will find the best CBD buds from us.

No. All shipments of our CBD flower products come double bagged in heat-sealed, non-transparent mylar bags to ensure that your package arrives safely and discreetly.