Wholesale CBD hemp flowers.

Treasure Valley Farm offers cheap prices for wholesale CBD hemp flowers. So we sell to retailers and companies who need CBD hemp flowers, CBD isolates and CBD Oil as well. ACDC flower for sale. Delivery throughout Europe and to the US. We also sign long term contracts with other companies or individuals to provide specific amount of our wholesale cbd hemp flower monthly or anually. We ask all our wholesale customers to contact us for more information or fill the form below. therefore you can buy our hemp buds from Treasure Valley Farm and get an extra fast delivery at your address. If you have any question please email us: sales@treasurevalleyfarm.us.


Buy ACDC cbd hemp flower

ACDC flower for sale

We have seven different strains at the moment, all organically grown, hand trimmed and seedless, all our hemp strains are legal within Europe and in the USA, so we have absolutely no problem with shipping. ACDC flower for sale

You can also contact us on whatsapp +1650 267 4731.